Just when you thought there were no more schooling shows to ride HIPICO in Santa Fe will be offering a dressage schooling show (both traditional and western) on Dec. 7th in their indoor arena! Entries close on Dec. 1st. Hopefully they will have the information on their Hipico Santa Fe page.

From this year’s Western Dressage Association of America World Show

Over All High Scores:

  • Open – Joann Williams on Gallod Ffantastic – 86.111%
  • Amateur – Nance McManus on Sheza Hot Pistola – 83.75%
  • Junior – Laure Sheets on Fort Knox – 82.222%

Reserve Over All High Scores :  

  • Open – Scot MacGregor on Extra Daring – 80.6%
  • Amateur – Cindy Rau-Sobotka on KBs Timepiece – 79.074%
  • Junior – Haley Whittaker on Peppers Temptress – 80.37%

Breed High Scores

  • American Sport Pony – Emily Denny on Dante
  • American Warmblood – Korbin Eckert on FT Inspired by Gold
  • Andalusian – Frances Carbonnel on Jubilee Banjo
  • Appaloosa – Laura Marquez on Dressed for Paradise
  • Half Arab – Jessie Bonneau on Skies the Limit +/
  • Connemara – Marilee Tussing on Roscommon Monday Morning
  • Draft Cross – Anna Droegemueller on Pendragon
  • Fjord – Catherine Field on Bingse
  • Friesian Cross – Patty Couch on PWR Brienne of Tarth
  • Grade – Shari Bross on Rowdy
  • Gypsy Vanner – Laura Sheets on Fort Knox
  • Halflinger – Suzanna Morisse on Sabreena Sue CRHF
  • Missouri Foxtrotter – Marcia Corbett on JB’s Absolut Southern Pride
  • Morgan – Joyce Swanson on Ghost Rider
  • Mustang – James Welch on Little Red Hot
  • National Show Horse – Sarah Crouse on Synergy’s Moon Dancer
  • Paint – Cindy Rau-Sobotka on KBs Timepiece
  • Pinto – Calista Boyer on Stella James
  • POA – Linda Roadcap on Wils Arcade
  • Quarter Horse – Nance McManus on Sheza Hot Pistola

Division Champions

Introductory Amateur

  1. Nance McManus on Sheza Hot Pistola



WAIT….an update! NMDA has added its June 2nd schooling show at Trinity Ranch in Santa Fe to its roster of WDAA recognized shows this year.

That makes it 6 shows that will be WDAA Recognized this year in New Mexico!

The Paint mare “Truly Unsurpassed” has been replicated by Breyer horse! Her owner, Nancy Conley from Georgia, was told that the mare couldn’t make it in dressage. (I am thinking people shouldn’t tell us horse people “no”.) Truly Unsurpassed made history by becoming the first horse to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medal Awards from the Western Dressage Association of America. She is also the 2017 USEF WDAA Horse of the Year for Level 2.

I hope all of those kids that see the new Breyer model will start thinking and asking about Western Dressage!

We found a GREAT “local” blanket laundry and repair at Desert Sky Ranch. Heather is a no nonsense person that knows just the right thing to help your horse blankets last longer and stay clean. We had a great e-mail from her:

“All of my pricing is online here:http://thedesertskyranch.com/service/horse-blanket-repair-laundry-services/

I will also call you if I think a blanket isn’t worth being repaired and let you make the decision, so there’s no wasting money. Feel free to call me 505-859-2979 when you want to mail or drop off.” Thanks in advance Heather!

Interested in  Western Dressage in New Mexico? There is a new website produced by a few enthusiasts that are hoping to help every one that is interested know more about Western Dressage events around the area. Check it out and sign up for their newsletter:  www.WDANM.org.